SunLife Balance - Art to Soul. Let it Out and Leave Your Peace

Let Your Soul Out

A safe environment to let your soul out as a way to balance life is what you can experience at SunLife Farm.
While structure is nice at times to learn an internal discipline or adapt a toolset in forms of self-expression, unstructured self-time can be a means of extending beyond just feeding the soul. It’s a way to feed and Replane™ with your own.
We are developing a unique environment at SunLife that’ll lend itself to creative expression and internal balancing. From the physicality of traversing our walking trails, the land offers incredible landing zones in which you can locate yourself on a small pod or create your own for Replaning™ one’s self. Elevating one’s self to a new level of being is achieving a Replaned™ consciousness.
A Replaning Pod™ offers a safe place to create art, meditate, read, write, practice yoga, tai chi, meditate or discover something totally new that brings a needed balance to self. Come on, let your soul out.

Leave Your Peace

Restoring a connection and expression of soul in your roaming activity is the ultimate goal. If you have found that art transpires from your visit and you wish to leave your peace, the art can become a piece of the farm. We will make it a part of a larger experience by exhibiting for others who visit to be inspired and appreciative of what you leave. If at any time you want to reclaim it, you can.

Experience Other Events at SunLife Farm

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon


Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon


Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon


Hike and Hammock

“All I ever wanted was a place to roam and a compass when it’s time for you to guide me home.”

Amy Fox / Undertow- From the Underbelly 2001
Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon
Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon




You choose the trail; we’ll tailor the visit for you. These are all walking tours so plan time accordingly.

If you want to extend your roam, all trails allow you the ability to do so.

Trails are QR scan coded in the event you don’t request a guided tour.


Roaming Day

This event is one we’re looking forward to. Come spend time just roaming around the farm and ranch on the trails and fields. It’s a find your peace day. Do a little Art to Soul creative, Noodle on the Wall at the Pacific North Pole or find a hammock ready for shakes and dazin. The lavender field will be nearby for some u-pick bouquets and garden fresh vegetables ready to go home with you. We’ll have our area farms and ranches set up in Bootahville to punctuate the day! Date to be announced soon