Central Oregon Farm Tour Destination

SunLife – High Desert Food & Farm Tour

We were named as a stop on the newly formed High Desert Food Trail. Developed by Travel Oregon and the High Desert Food and Farm Alliance, the trail system gives Central Oregon visitors three self-guided touring options covering three counties.
Here in Crook County, we have five ag related stops that are all worth the visit!

Our tours/visits are by appointment and have a small charge of $7 for adults and $3 kids. You must prepay once we set your appointment. You pick lavender only visits are FREE, paying only for the bouquet bunches you/we cut.

Special event days at the farm are usually parking fee only. Running races at events may have additional charge.

(We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for visits. Late arrivals will have reduced tour time to keep schedule flowing)

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon




You choose the trail; we’ll tailor the visit for you. These are all walking tours so plan time accordingly.

If you want to extend your roam, all trails allow you the ability to do so.

Trails are QR scan coded in the event you don’t request a guided tour.

Come Roam With Us

With over 20 miles of trail options, there is plenty of room to roam on our 160 acre property. Most all trail options meander around and through our core farming areas, so you’ll be able to experience and see our lavender, grass fields and bee apiaries. The lower trails are mulch lined and the upper trails are more natural terrain. We have some Replane™ stops on most any trail so you can get a view and a breather.

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon
Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

Breath Valley

Our longest trail (Breath Valley) extends over 5 miles and takes you through every part of the farm and ranch. We extend this trail to 6.3 miles for our Run for the Honey event in October. Allow ample time to stop and enjoy the vista views, the resting areas and educational QR coded placards along the way.

The Bee Burbs

Keep it short. The BeeBurbs are one part of our Bootahbee apiary trail. We house 11 of our 19 hives along this trail. Plenty of benches and observation areas along the way so bring your binoculars and watch the in and out traffic of our worker bees out retrieving nectar and pollen for Bootahbee honey. Pose for pictures at Beeverly Hills.

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon
Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

The Birdlands

Getting to The Birdlands entails a trip through The BeeBurbs so we refer to this trail as the Birds and Bees Tour. We’re restoring a native area back to health and it starts with pollination plantings that will support monarch butterflies and natural habitats for a total ecosystem. An excellent trail for photography, artists and bird and bee enthusiasts.

Grassic Park

Our Grassic Park stroll offers two options for distance and experience. Grassic is an area we are developing for supporting and educating on the native grass lands and other farming grasses to our area and what life is supported by it. This trail starts at Dasher’s Canyon and you have an option to go through Breath Valley or back to The BootDocks for a swing and rest.

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon
Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

The Bootdocks

Get down in the BootDocks. This is the number one Central Oregon location for hammocking at its finest. The BootDocks is a ponderosa pine tree grove with a meandering trail and your choice of many swinging loungers to take the stress away. Surrounded by boot and bird houses, the sounds of nearby irrigation lines, the area can be stop off or ending point from your hike. A favorite place for a swing and a rest!

Are You Ready to Book a SunLife Farm Tour?

By Appointment Only Tuesday – Sunday (May –Dec)

We appreciate being punctual for your tour time so that all can enjoy the opportunity.

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

Pacific North Pole

For our winter Honey Holidays – Claus Festival event, we open up our Pacific North Pole trail. From Bootahville to the top, is a trail that takes you to Santa’s Workshop and our version of the North Pole. We call it the Pacific North Pole, Santa’s other hang out! A hot cocoa hut, the pole itself, and lighted trees along the way plus fun little stop off points for virtual selfies makes for a memorable trek. Get in winter shape, it’s a trek!

Dasher’s Canyon

Dasher’s Canyon is a favorite trail and connects to most all the trails on the farm in some way. During our fall and winter events it is utilized for many of the kid’s fun runs such as the Bees and Bears Run and the Run to Bee Funny Honey races. It’s our flattest trail and the full Dashers Canyon Loop will take a hiker through the Canyon into Grassic Park and through The BootDocks.

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

SunLife- Replane™ and Balance

With a mixed use property we have 105 additional acres of non-irrigated splendor that is our ranch portion of the property. It offers the native beauty of the Ochoco foothills with scenic views. We wanted to make sure it was given its due. Our walking trails are carved into the landscape and blend in so well it’s as if they were meant to be.

We believe there is balance to be found in all land experience. It reminds us of not just what we are, but most importantly where we are in relation to our short stay on this planet. To replane is to reclaim the essence of being and reconnecting with the elements while expressing our core.