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Our Tax Deductible Hay Call Program

Farming Central Oregon orchard grass hay seems simple enough. Grow the grass. Produce the hay. Sell the harvest and it ships off to unknown end users around the world. At SunLife we wanted to know where our hay was going and that it indeed was filling critical needs. We’ve witnessed a LOT of equine and livestock in our travels that can use feed due to varying underlying circumstances. There is dire need out there that didn’t seem to be getting fulfilled. We wanted to help, but needed help doing it.

We developed Hay Call as a tax deductible community supported (CS-Hay) program for us and some of our high desert partnering farms. We facilitate it with storage and our HayHaul delivery service. The program concept is simple. We presell hay bales to folks who care about the welfare of horses, livestock and student farming programs. We let the contributor decide which feed program to facilitate. We store on behalf of buyer, and then we deliver and donate it in each person’s name when the HayCall arises from our participating non-profit organization programs. Tax contribution letters are then issued to you for the hay donations.

Something About Oregon Orchard Grass Hay

We Farm It. We Ready It. We Connect It. We Deliver It.

The Central Oregon/Pacific Northwest is known for the best orchard grass production in the world. Our hay production is projected to yield 200 +/-tons in 2022. This equates to roughly 4400 bales of hay. We partner on an additional 1500 tons (30,000 bales) in nearby fields, also part of our HayCall system. Our goal is to get it to the animals and programs in need. A single thousand pound horse needs 9 – 11 bales per month. One wintering 1200 pound cow requires about 28 pounds of hay per day or one 90 pound bale every three days. A herd of even 50 cows require 1400 pounds per day. It’s a very important component to keeping livestock and horses thriving and the food chain moving.

Become a Part of Our CS-Hay Model For Changing Markets with HayCall

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

You decide on a one time contribution or monthly recurring. You choose what program the contribution gets directed to. We’ll account for our sales and program service via our Facebook page and website without using names

Choose from:
Horse Rescue Programs – Catastrophe Event Feed – Student Ag  Programs – Distressed Wildlife Programs – Non-Profit Farm and Ranch Alliances

On average, one 90 pound bale of Central Oregon orchard grass hay will run roughly $24 -30 per bale. This is all inclusive. Farmer gets paid. Hay haul’s from field to storage and then is delivered to the non-profit programs.
Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon




You choose the trail; we’ll tailor the visit for you. These are all walking tours so plan time accordingly.

If you want to extend your roam, all trails allow you the ability to do so.

Trails are QR scan coded in the event you don’t request a guided tour.

The Feed Needs We Support with HayCall

We vet all potential non-profit recipients of the HayCall Community Supported Ag (CS-Hay) program. All Non-profit programs listed are then considered pre-qualified by our vetting team. Non-profit student programs are subject to a full review of their chapter before being accepted for distribution. They must also reside near one of our outlet managed locations in order to receive hay.

When a contribution is made to a specific type recipient, we notify them of a purchase credit for their use in getting donated hay from us. Thresholds must be met for full load delivery. We have agreements with all programs to not direct contact you for other donations to their programs.

Below are the types of programs that may qualify for the HayCall program. You will be asked after the contribution, which kind of charitable group/program you want to receive your donated hay.

Equine Rescue and Sanctuaries


Saving both wild and domestic horses from dire situations, and nursing them back to a fulfilling life can be costly. HayCall helps defray the expense of providing feed

Catastrophe Feed


Floods, fire and drought can displace and affect both domestic and wild animals. HayCall delivers feed supply when and where it is needed.

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon


Youth programs represent the future of farming. Participating may create financial strain on families; HayCall contributes hay from caring folks interested in supporting future farmers.

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon


Food bank livestock meat supplying programs and non-profit farm and ranch alliance groups in need of assistance with cost sharing for supplying food chain based products to communities greatly affect many lives.

We Love and Appreciate Contributions

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

Be a part of our CS-Hay program. It affects animal welfare positively

Choose the program you’d like to help. You receive tax deductible contribution letter for support.

Contributions help grass farmers, hay haulers, animal welfare programs and future farmers.

Thank you for creating balance in our agricultural system.

We Love and Appreciate Contributions

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon


Hay, Hike & Hammock

Would you like to have fun learning about hay farming? How about learning, hiking, food, drinks and a nice hammock to relax in afterward? Join us on the farm, June 18 from 10am to 2pm and please reserve a spot. We charge by the carload! So load up the neighbors and save money!