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We’re Building a Village of BootahBees

They account for 1/3 of the food we consume. Without honeybees, Einstein theorized humans would not exist.

What started as a passion became an obsession as we ventured into the world of beekeeping. The world’s bee population is headed toward trouble. We believed that SunLife Farm and Ranch could harbor and care for them by developing a world to safely accommodate their intricate life work while creating a local food source.

Welcome to Bootahville. A full bee ranch support village made from our very own creation. We started with two colonies of honeybees; threw a pair of boots on each of them and let ‘em pollinate. What we ended up with is a whole lot of characters living within an evolving eco-system we continue to improve upon.

The SunLife Cause Building Bootahful Bee Systems

We have 19 colonies of Bootahbees honeybees spread out into sections of the property. They can be viewed from parts of the 20 plus miles of walking trail options. We name our areas as we enhance our property to be both a provider for cultivated crops and restoration areas for native pollinators and grass land. The names and the areas themselves are an experience for farm visitors.

Bootahville, The Beeburbs, Beeverly Hills, The Birdlands, The Bootdocks, Grassic Park, Dashers Canyon and Breathless Valley can all be found on SunLife’ 160 acre property.

With planned community events, we’ll have bee, bird and farming masters leading many of the educational components for visitors on those days.

BootahBee Honey Products

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

As a stop on the High Desert Food Trail beginning in 2022, our honey is expected to be in high demand. We’re keeping our availability limited to the farm and our small jar sizes assure we’ll have enough for all visitors.

We’re opening Bootahs Refreshment Center and use honey as a drizzle option for many of our milk shake selections. You can enjoy them at The Bootdocks while lounging in a swinging hammock. It’s our version of Utopia. Also serving lavender/lemonade SunFreeze Slushy’s, ice cream cones, teas and more.

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon




You choose the trail; we’ll tailor the visit for you. These are all walking tours so plan time accordingly.

If you want to extend your roam, all trails allow you the ability to do so.

Trails are QR scan coded in the event you don’t request a guided tour.

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

Event – High Noon Honey

Fun event that includes the Birds and Bees Trail Hike Tour led by our special Audobon expert friends. At High Noon, we’ll be back in Bootahville to share more educational presentations while enjoying beverages that feature honey options. Bring your hiking boots!

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon
Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon
Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

Event – Run for the Honey

Celebrate pumpkin and honey month at SunLife Farm’ Run for the Honey event on October 8, 2022. From our pumpkin patch field you can find your perfect pumpkins and watch or participate in a day at the races. Experience the farm through a multitude of different fun run distances. Local artisan and farm ranch vendors and enjoyable day of autumn fun will be here for you! Hot honey based drinks at the ready!

Event – Honey Holidays – Claus Festival 2022

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

Join us! This one weekend event kicks off the holiday season on December 4/5. Honey Holidays – Bootahs Claus Festival will play host to Santa, Mrs. Claus, craft vendors, food, drink, music, fun runs and Feliz Navi Dawg Mush hikes to the Pacific North Pole!