Central Oregon Friendly Affiliations

It’s not important to have affiliations merely for the sake of having them. To us, it’s about recognizing and cultivating relationships with groups, businesses, organizations and individuals with like minds and visions while building a strong community.


High Desert Food Alliance

This group works tirelessly to bridge the local communities with the alliance brought together by farms, ranches and local food producing. They support a healthy and thriving food and farm network in Central Oregon through education, collaboration and inclusivity.

Prineville Chamber of Commerce

Before we even moved to Central Oregon, we would follow Prineville Chamber on Facebook. Seven months to be exact. This group really is the perfect example of small town pride. They support, promote and keep the spirits uplifted with their incredible area coverage of businesses, organizations and events. We joined up with them during the pandemic, and even at the virtual only level, they continue to impress us. #prinevilleproud

Travel Oregon

This group is such an overall advocate for all things Oregon. They are dedicated to the good of promoting tourism and events within the whole state, making it appealing for both residents and visitors to get out and explore what’s all around. From coast to high desert, Travel Oregon makes it happen and we love them!!

Oregon State Beekeepers Association

The Oregon State Beekeepers Association is a non profit organization dedicated to the well being of honeybees and to the fields of beekeeping,apiculture, research and education. The association is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and/or scientific purposes. At SunLife Farm, we’re ecstatic about our affiliation.

L & S Farm and Garden

By country standards, Linda and Sonny (L&S) would be considered close neighbors. This is a curse for us. You’d know why if you ever stopped into Linda’s little store for award winning baked pies, jarred produce, breads, salsa’s or spices. A must visit stop on the HD Food Trail.

4H Club

This age old organization has been a youth and farmer savior for its historic programs. We supported through our HayCall program, a student in the program that raised a steer in his first year. We continue to forge a relationship with the organization for filtering feed to the students in need.

Bluestone Natural Farms

Onda and Mike run a great farm and are on the HD Food Trail as well. They are a favorite at the local Prineville Saturday CROP Farmers Market. Both are extremely dedicated to soil, crop and livestock and possess immense knowledge making for a great conversation when you stop in.

FFA (Future Farmers of America)

One of the most important programs in America we feel. Our state runs a great program all the way down to local chapters. We are gearing our HayCall program for students in this program who face big challenges in feeding and caring for livestock within the program. Keeping a bright mind engaged and optimistic about the importance the future farming is paramount.

Oregon Horse Council

For all horse related business in this state, the Oregon Horse Council is the only resource you’ll need to find what you’re looking for. We encourage you to sign up and receive news and event updates, follow them on social media and reach out to the many businesses and enthusiasts you’ll find on their site.

CROP Farmers Market

Crook County – Prineville, although small (we love it that way) easily competes with flavorful farm and ranching events in the High Desert. The Saturday CROP Farmers Market runs weekly from June through October and features farm fresh produce and meats, artisan baked products and varietal vendors from a downtown location. Non-Profit Org, Food Trail partner.

Big Summit Beef Co.

Big Summit Beef Co. is committed to sustainable farming practices and maintaining the health of the land. Their focus is on habitat and water conservation as well as ethical and humane animal husbandry practices. Their beef and other farm raised products are raised and finished on the highest quality grasses and forages. We’re really happy to call them our farm and ranch neighbor.

Visit Central Oregon

Good resource for good direction on what to see and where to go while you’re in the area. These folks have a pulse on the high desert tri-county area. Year round coverage, fully staffed and at the ready, VCO covers all the areas within their site and is mobile friendly for easy access on the run. Connect via social media to get constant updates!

Foundry Four

Located in the heart of downtown Prineville, this fun coffee – whiskey establishment is one of our favorite meeting places when we’re in town. On the farm, we refer to it as our in town office. Great coffee, wifi smart, nice spread out seating and if you prefer a little bump in your coffee, the whiskey sampler is a pallet pleaser! Friendly staff and please tip your barista!

F5 Smokehouse

If you’re not sure which local livestock meats to buy, this is the place to try em all! The F5 Smokehouse is located in downtown Prineville and when you enter their place, you really step back in time to what a meat shop was and can still be! Their menu is vast and even stepped into exotic game meat too! Our fave is the different pepperoni and beef sticks. Then we stock up on local variety.

Wine Down Ranch

Not far from us is an awe inspiring location on the High Desert Food Trail. Our good friends at Wine Down Ranch have overnight accommodations and 2500 acres of blissful relaxation ready for your complete trip pleasure. Spend a day at SunLife Farm and punctuate it with an evening under the magnificent night skies of Wine Down.