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SunLife Farm and Ranch – iSupportAg Programs

What They Are and Why We Developed Them

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs are a popular and growing farm marketing tool for securing working capital for a small farmer crops. The short explanation is that in exchange for a contribution, contributors receive seasonal weekly or bi-monthly produce boxes from the harvest during the growing season.

At SunLife Farm, we’re putting a slight twist on this type of program. Our desire is to share the farm and life experience. With our planned growth in operations for the farm, we want to share through outreach to others that have either wanted to farm and ranch, are planning to try it or just simply want to support those of us that do in an interactive fun way. Our iSupportAg™ programs (iFarmLife and iFarmHay) will enable anyone to participate in some way or form with us here on the farm while receiving a part of it too.

Any of our AG financial contribution programs truly benefit us the farmer, you the participant as well as equine owners, rescues and others with your involvement. It furthers our educational outreach, crop growth and production as well as us reinvesting back into the farm to grow event experience and our vision.

All in Farming – The iFarmLife Purple Farmer Program

Our most popular program; participation virtual farming touches all elements of our operations. Our farm operations can grow with your help. The adoption of a lavender plant enables us to focus on production of their many properties. The iFarmLife Purple Farmer Program reaches all our operations in lavender, hay, honey bees and more. Here’s what you get.

Your Own Harvest

Assigned Plant, Numbered in Field

An iFarmLife / Purple Farmer 2021 Hat

From your plant - a cut bouquet bunch

A SunLife Lavender Myst 6 Hydrosol Spray

One lavender bud fragrant sachet

One jar of delicious BootahBee Honey

One Mini Hay Bale

One Pair of Purple Farmer Work Gloves

One iSupportAG - Certificate

Your Virtual Experience

Learn from our Purple Farmer. Tune to our online channel by watching

Actual SunLife Farming Operations

BootahBee Keeping and Production

Farm Development

Farm Maintenance

Hay Harvesting and Donation Deliveries

Prepping for Festivals

Lavener Planting and Field Care

Your Donation & Perks

One bale of fresh cut hay to HayCall

Ability to add more bales at discount

20% off on all merchandise promos




You choose the trail; we’ll tailor the visit for you. These are all walking tours so plan time accordingly.

If you want to extend your roam, all trails allow you the ability to do so.

Trails are QR scan coded in the event you don’t request a guided tour.

Get the iFarmLife program

Become a Purple Farmer Now – $150

HAY – Let’s Farm It!

– The iFarmHay / HayCall Program

Farming hay seems simple enough. Grow the grass. Produce bales of hay. Sell the lot and ship it off to hopefully good end users. But we wanted more satisfaction in knowing that our harvest is really going out to its best possible end user. In our travels across our nation, we’ve seen a LOT of horses and livestock that could use feed due to underlying ownership circumstances. That sparked the idea for HayCall.

We developed the iFarmHay / HayCall program and facilitate it with our own HayHaul delivery service. The program concept is simple. We presell our hay bales to folks who care about the welfare of equine and other animals. We store it then donate it in the person’s name when the need arises and the “HayCall” comes in. Saving horses from kill pens is one of our most focused priorities. Helping rescues and sanctuaries with feed needs enables them to save more horses. Helping private owners in need, catastrophic event emergency feed needs and student programs can all benefit from the prepaid program.

Your Participation Contribution

A Mini Bale / iFarmHat / Honey

For $100 or more contribution

Specific Feed Assistance Choice

Optional Amounts

From a single bale to hundreds

Your Virtual Experience

All iFarm Channel Programs

Hay Specific Operation Programs

Hay Call / iFarmHay

Donation Delivery

Zoom About the Farm

Our iFarmHay / HayCall Program Provides

– Horse Rescue Programs – Catastrophic Event Feed – Private Owners in Need

– Students in Need 4H/FFA Programs – Distressed Wildlife Programs

Participate Today! Cost $20 and Up

Our SunLife Farm Orchard Grass Fields Are Expected to Yield Over 200 Tons (400,000 pounds) of Hay in our 2021 Harvest. This equates to roughly 4800 bales of hay.
Ready to participate? HayCall us! There’s a need out there, let’s make it happen.

Farming the Bootahs – We LOVE Em!

Our BootahBees are taking on a life of their own. We’re building a village called Bootahville and an area they reside in called “The Bee Burbs.” Soon we expect to be the largest employer in our county with over one million worker bees at our farm!

As part of the iFarmLife and iFarmHay programs, we add BootahBee honey into the mix as many forage from our lavender plants and ranch wildflowers. We’re building two different festival s at the farm around them. Plus, we’ll be adding them to our education channel.

Products you won’t want to miss are coming soon!


Farm to Table has been on the rise in the last decade. We had this idea stewing for a bit to share our garden in a unique way.Wouldn’t it be great if local restaurants could have a part in actually growing their fresh foods at a local farm as a source? Or having a roadside stand that enables the service related industry a chance to have a perk of the farm while out and about on their route deliveries.
From this thought was born Share Our Garden. We also will be contributing to the local Grow and Give program put out by the High Desert Food and Farm Alliance.

Events and Community

BOOTAHFEST 2022. (Maybe 2021)

Depending on the COVID outcome, we will celebrate everything that’s boot to us. We LOVE boots. We love farming. Bootahfestival is our harvest and life celebration. A unique planned walk through or drive through festival held at SunLife Farm and Ranch.

It not only promotes our farm and products, but is focused on other folks in the same industry. It serves to as a fundraising share event to many non-profits who benefit from event inclusion 


Who has the most famous boots in the world besides us Bootahs? Santa of course! We’ll be transforming the village of Bootahville into a quaint holiday festival known as Bootah’s Claus Festival. Our little chalet’s and workshops will be stopping points for good ol’ family fun. Featuring our BootahBee “Special Holiday and New Year” products, expect to find many many local farming and non-profit friends with local crafts and foods for your holiday gift lists.

Our hot “Bootahwein” beverage will make the event worthy of a trip out.

More to Come!


From programs supplying meats to food banks to struggling private owners who someday can pay the help forward by contributing back to HayCall, we can help farming, programs and many communities.