Hay Call CSA Participation Farming Program by SunLife Farm

The program concept is simple. We presell our hay bales to folks who care about welfare of farming, horses, livestock and people. We have vetted programs that fit each call out. Hay credits are maintained for different programs. We then donate and deliver in each person’s name when the HayCall arises. Programs are made aware of credits available and are served in rotation.

The HayCall Feed Needs We Support

We are focused on balanced distribution to the needs of programs and events that fulfil an important role in the care and welfare of animals. Community supported programs also play a major part of food supply programs for livestock based, managed systems from students to food banks.

Equine Rescue and Sanctuaries

Rescue and Sanctuaries

Saving both wild and domestic horses from dire situations and nursing back to living fulfilled lives is a costly challenge. HayCall helps defray some expense in providing feed.

Catastrophe Feed

Catastrophe Event Feed

Across America, events such as floods, fire, hurricanes, draught affect the feed supply to animals both domestic and wild. HayCall delivers when the need arises to fulfil

Student Based Farm Programs

Farming future is often found in youth programs such as 4H and FFA. Financially, it sometimes is a strain on families. HayCall won’t let that stand in the way. We contribute and support the future.

Community Programs

From programs supplying meats to food banks to struggling private owners who someday can pay the help forward by contributing back to HayCall, we can help farming, programs and many communities.




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