Central Oregon Lavender, Honey & Hay

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Sunlife - A Balanced Experience



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The key to a healthy food world starts with well managed bees. We have BootahBees

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Our farm starts, grows and plants from the worlds most trusted source for new natural lavender.

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We’re excited to add orchard grass production to our HayCall – iFARM program

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We host Central Oregon’s most fun Holiday Festival – Bootahs Claus Festival 2021

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Our fun and unique twist on CSA programs benefit many with our products.

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Support of friends and businesses are ever so appreciated. Join the friend family.

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Home of the Purple Farmer, Bootahbees, Oregon Lavender and Hay Call

Located just outside of Prineville at the foothills of the Ochoco Mountains in Central Oregon, is the magical experience of SunLife Farm and Ranch.

An incredible 160 acre property of mixed farm and ranch land, SunLife offers beautiful distant views of Three Sisters and Mt. Bachelor rising up out of the Cascade mountain range. Our farming operation covers 55 irrigated acres utilizing fresh water from the Ochoco and Prineville reservoirs mountain runoff supply that feed our lavender and orchard grass production fields. Our ranch portion of 105 acres is of a naturally pristine terrain and home to our famous “BootahBees of Bootahville.” We’re focused on living the SunLife and sharing it with America.

Varietal Honey Bees

BootahBees at SunLife

Prineville is known as the official Cowboy Capitol of Oregon. We’ve added our “Cowbees” to that affiliation.
We’re developing a natural apiary habitat not often found in the world of beekeeping. Bootahville is becoming a 100 acre working sanctuary for our colonies of varietal pollinating honey bees.
Our growth plan is complete with five miles of hiking trails stretching from the core of the village throughout the 160 acre property. The bees reside in the “The BeeBurbs” just outside the village as well as throughout the trail system. We anticipate growing to a level only supported by the available forage to facilitate the safe stewardship of our friends.
Our research, production and education programs are anchored by staff and a growing team of various professionals from all facets. This assures us that we’re in great hands for delivering a full robust experience from the apiary from for years to come.

Purple Farming and the SunLife Lavender

We’re taking a unique approach to how we’re transforming our land into a full lavender, bee and grass farm operation. We planted 5200 new lavender plants this past summer and are scheduled to plant an additional 1500 more in 2021.

We call our lavender operations, “Purple Farming” and anticipate adding a wholesale nursery propagation operation in 2022.

Our Purple Farmer (Jeff) is leading our team in becoming the premier lavender provider in Central Oregon as we forge a new working partnership with one of the world’s most foremost lavender growers who will be joining us on the farm.

Purple Farming iFarmLife

We’ve put a fun twist into farming lavender with our iFarmLife opportunity. With our growing plant field inventory, we offer the opportunity for folks to adopt a plant of their own for the season, while experiencing the process of farming. At the end of season you can reap the harvests of lavender, honey and even a donation of a hay bale to a equine or program in need of feed.

Sun Life Ranch – Hay Up!

We’ve opted for the less traditional ranch operation.

While we plan to create a small sanctuary for horses both wild and domestic in the future, we’re focused on providing a food source from our CSA hay program to help feed troubled farms, ranches and other program groups. Our open ranch land serves primarily as a growing apiary with pockets carved out for arena, barns and pastures.

iFarmHay An Opportunity for Contributing

Our newly adopted program will help provide SunLife Farm orchard grass hay bales to a vast network of animals in need.

Working Dogs Rule

Central Oregon farm and ranch work is a 24/7 job, at least for us. The three of us SunLife Dogs are serious about our work. Our main job is in monitoring critter and other varmint activity on the property. For Sage Rats, we employ our dig and disrupt technique. We don’t use poison here, so the work is plentiful. It’s fun entertainment and we get rewarded with Frisbee and ball fetch games while changing out the irrigation systems. Life is good on our Sun Farm.

FARM Friends

We are thankful to the many great Central Oregon, CSA supporters and national resources that have been instrumental in getting us off on the right foot as a newly active farming business. From our property purchase to educational farm mentoring, equipment, products, custom farm services, commerce support and marketing arms to support our growth. Together, they are helping us achieve our dream of providing experiences for all.

Check out our SunLife Farm iSupportAg CSA (Community Supported Agriculture programs for lavender, hay and honey.

Experience iFarmLife from wherever you are. 

Make a difference. 

Support a program that fulfills you.

A wonderful concept in participation farming.”

iFarmLife i Support Agriculture Opportunity

At SunLife Farm, we care about doing things that matter in the world while offering unique life experiences. iFarmLife and iFarmHay are unique opportunities to have a hand in SunLife’s farming operations no matter where you are located. Become a Purple Farmer with our plant adoption, honey and hay bale support program.

Be a part of seeing and receiving products directly from plants that you adopt and we foster one season for you. Additionally, with our iFarmHay Hay Call program, see bales of orchard grass hay being donated /gifted in your name to animal caretakers and programs in need of feed.

Our iSupport Ag participation programs work a lot like a CSA program, but with a slight twist. You become a virtual farmer with us. You’ll see the work required to start and operate a lavender, bee and grass hay operation while seeing the benefits of products and goodwill derived from your interest. It helps us fund and grow as a new farmer with continued development of educational and research programs.