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SunLife – Balancing Soil, Soul, Nature, and Culture



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The key to a healthy food world starts with well managed bees. We have BootahBees

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Our farm starts, grows and plants from the worlds most trusted source for new natural lavender.

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Our orchard grass production is an integral part of our CS-Hay / HayCall giving program.

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Our farm owner Amy brings music to the farms dirt roads.

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We are part of the High Desert Food Trail system. Tour our farm operations

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New found friends and businesses happen on our farm. Join our Farm Family. 

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Home of BootahBees, Ochoco Lavender and Hay Call


Balancing soil, soul, nature and culture, SunLife is an incredible 160 acre property of mixed use land. Beautiful distant views of the Cascade mountain range and fertile canyon floors of a Crook County farming community provide a perfect setting. SunLife operations cover 55 irrigated acres of lavender and orchard grass production fields and our ranch portion of 105 acres is a naturally pristine terrain and home to our famous “BootahBees” apiary. With over 20 miles of various trail options, the experience for High Desert Food Trail visitors is near limitless.

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

Buy Our Song – Help Save a Horse

We take pride in developing the dirt roads and trails found here at SunLife Farm and Ranch. We named ours Sun Dirt Road and the main part of it is an exact one mile loop. Jeff asked farm owner Amy Fox to bring her songwriting and musical skills out of the closet to pay tribute to not only the farms dirt roads, but the millions of miles of dirt roads found around the world. The song, recently released,  takes you on a journey, a soilebration™ and has you pushing repeat play.

We developed orchard grass fields for hay, lavender fields and an apiary. Our final farm vision for utilizing the 105 acres of foothills on the property is to develop a haven for homing adopted horses saved from kill pens that we’ll be getting from rescues. The sale from Amy’s songs will go toward getting us to this vision faster. We appreciate your support.

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

Varietal Honey Bees

Prineville is known as the official Cowboy Capitol of Oregon. We added our “CowBees” to that affiliation. They’re affectionately known as “BootahBees” and are abundant on the farm.

We’ve developed a natural apiary habitat not often found in the world of beekeeping. With over 20 miles of trail options meandering throughout the ranch portion of SunLife, our 19 bee colonies reside in the “The BeeBurbs, The Bootdocks and Grassic Park” and can be seen from observation view points along the trail system.

For our hiking minded guests, our Birds and the Bees Trail appeals to both birdwatchers and inquisitive bee enthusiasts from May through December. We host educational event programs anchored by staff and a growing team of various professionals. We assure you’re in great hands for receiving a full robust experience from the apiary for years to come.

Where Are We?

Office Phone: 541-636-9909
Text Messages: 646-243-8628

1607 NW Gerke Rd, Prineville, OR 97754

By Appointment

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon
Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

We call our lavender operations, “Purple Farming.” With a variety of lavender plants, Central Oregon soil is very conducive to growing these incredible plants. We have over 7000 plants in ground and offer buying events and u-pick options during the lavender growing season.

Be sure to catch us early in the season (July 30 & 31, 2022) for our potted wholesale lavender and celebration event (Lavenday) featuring our lavender field and plants. And what better way to top off a hot Central Oregon day at the farm than with a signature Lavender-Lemonade “SunFreeze” slushy from Bootahs Refreshment Center.

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

We’ve opted for the less traditional haying operations.

We farm over 40 acres of premium orchard grass for our hay production. We also partner with other local farmers and seasonally produce thousands of tons that are available through our SunLife Farm CS-Hay program known as HayCall. Central Oregon is known for growing the world’s best orchard grass hay and we are proud to be a part of that title. We have three cutting harvests per season, so visitors will be sure to see our fields at some stage of the cycle.

Our newly formed CS-Hay (Community Supported Hay) program will help provide SunLife Farm orchard grass hay bales to a vast network of animals in need while providing a valuable TAX DEDUCTION to you.

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon
Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon
Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

Do You Like Trails?

We’re On One and Have Some!

New for Central Oregon, Travel Oregon and the High Desert Food and Farm Alliance teamed up to offer a self-guided food trail adventure to help visitors and locals alike experience the culinary and agritourism opportunities that make this region unique. The 3 trails feature 45 unique businesses including farms, ranches, restaurants, farmers markets, craft and beverage makers.

SunLife Farm is proud to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to share our operations and events with you. In addition to being open daily for tours, we have nine special events on the farm between July and December. We offer over 20 miles of hiking trail options to experience our farm, crops and bee livestock.

Tours and Events

Our farm visit / tours are by appointment only and have a small charge attached. U-Pick Lavender visit only are FREE. Events are limited capacity, so get tickets early. Learn more about our Tours and Events and how to make reservations here.

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon
Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon
Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

We are thankful to the many friendly farm visitors, CS-HAY supporters, Central Oregon and national resources that have been instrumental in getting us off on the right foot as a newly active farming business. From our 2020 property purchase we dove into educational mentoring, equipment, products, custom farm services, commerce support and marketing arms to support our growth. Together, all our farm friends are helping us achieve our dream of providing experiences for all.

Lavender Farm and Honeybees in Prineville Central Oregon

Play a part in farming Central Oregon and help make a difference.

By supporting farming programs, the reach is immeasurable to overall community.

SunLife’s HayCall program is innovative and beneficial!.”

At SunLife Farm, we are focused on doing things that matter in Central Oregon and offer unique farm life experiences throughout our agri-tour permitted property. We’ve put a slight twist on the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model that enables our farm supporters to play a role in helping take care of animal and wildlife management when and where it is most needed.

With our iSupport Ag HayCall program you not only learn about what’s required to operate a lavender, bee, bird and grass hay operation but additionally see the benefits of products and goodwill derived from your support. It helps us grow as new farmers with continued new development and most importantly touches the spirit of student ag programs, distressed livestock and wildlife while supporting other ag related businesses in Central Oregon.